A Quest for Living

My quest for living started April 6, 2017 (the re-birth of my so called human experience) and realizing that I was born for a purpose. It’s kind of like seeing the lighthouse from a distance and swimming towards it.

Alcohol was merely an inhibitor, a distraction that kept me from the path I was destined to be on. We don’t realize these “distractions” come in many forms. Codependency to people, places, and things in general, can be the devil in disguise and it’s out to get you one-way or another (pin that on your wall). The trick is to wake the F-up and move in the right direction or suffer debilitating consequences. I see it as a sort of “soul assassination” if you will.

I realized very early on “taking flight” wasn’t an option it was a calling. If I was going to evolve spiritually speaking, I wasn’t going to waste one more minute in this illusive mind. We were given these tools, our God given talents, to navigate this earth for a higher purpose. The only thing holding us back is “fear” of the unknown with this sense of desperation. And, what do we do? We settle for less! But why not unravel the mystery of our true calling and see it for what it is, a gift.

So, I set out to make some monumental changes. To begin with “trust in God and clean house.” And that included the toxic people in my life. Only then, I was able to shift my focus on the things that inspired me to the core, not what was tearing me apart. As a professional tour guide my joy for travel was on top of the list. And coupled with my newfound sobriety a win-win. “You go where you feel most alive,” especially when you move into self-discovery. My idea for Flying Sober was to instill this passion in others and open their hearts and minds to greater horizons.

Sober in Israel 2019 was the pilot with a small group of eclectic people. Never in my wildest dream did I imagine how it would turn out. Israel WAS the land of milk and honey in every sense of the word. Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord. —John 20:13

We followed “The path of Jesus” from Nazareth to Jerusalem and everything in between. We laughed, we cried, we danced and celebrated “re-birthdays.” We shared amazing stories and some families got to reunite. Throughout our journey the sun was always shining (during a rainy season mind you); we never got lost in a terrain of desert; and our van never broke down once,  although we put unleaded gasoline in a diesel car “no joke!”

Most importantly, we came to realize in our hearts of hearts this trip served an even bigger purpose and that is to carry-on the torch for a “Life Worth Living.”

Next sober trip TBD 😉

By Rachel Geiger, Founder of Flying Sober

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David Fiu
David Fiu
1 year ago

Awesome story. would like more. I am familiar with the bath of your journey. (spiritally)