Mona by the Beach

June's Share 2020

It’s not every day that we come across a person that just blows you away. Mona is one of these people. She emanates a genuine character that is filled with true bliss and an appreciation for living. Something so magical, you wonder “how the heck did she get it?” It wasn’t always like that, she says, but it is also the place where she claims to have grown her wings. This is her story in her own words. Extra Bonus:  Listen to her Podcast interview on finding the love of her life, and how they had to grow apart in order to grow back together again.


We are asked to share our experience, strength and hope. That’s what I heard from the very beginning when I came into this program. My HOPE turned into reality because I believed in it, I felt it, and I have come to live it in every sense of the word. That was my Step 2 “came to believe that a power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity”. Hope, Hope, Hope, it’s all I could hold on to from the very start. And I still do to this day. My pain and despair have vanished. Today, I am restored with happiness, joy and a new freedom.

What was it like?

When I first got sober, I had ongoing questions spiraling in my mind. Would I enjoy my life and have FUN again? How was I going to function in society? Would I get my family back? Would I have a home? Would I have a job? Would I ever have a relationship again? Would I have true friends that genuinely cared for me? How was I going to survive in this way of life?

When I came into recovery a broken soul not wanting to live, homeless, penniless, out of jail and institutions, and full of destruction. Yes, that’s what I was, a hot mess! I had a moment of GRACE and God lead me to the rooms and that’s when I heard the solution. What to do and the promises. I did not have to live this way any longer. They gave me suggestions, I took them. They gave me a spiritual tool box, I EMBRACED it. I got a sponsor and she loved me way before I could love myself. I came to discover who I truly am and I became my own best friend! I learned how to talk to God, not just through prayer. I was able to be of service to so many other women with the utmost compassion and understanding. My judgements had evaporated into thin air. The biggest gift was my FAITH because it replaced my FEARS! 

What happened?

If I remained sober and followed these steps and principles in all of my affairs, God would give me all that I needed, but not necessarily what I wanted. He held me close through every situation and he certainly had a plan. I became employable again. He restored my relationships. I have two beautiful daughters and five grandchildren, and I can finally lead by example. I have been given so many gifts; a beautiful home on the beach where I get to watch the sunrise every morning, and a room I made into my own little art studio where I get to draw and paint (a dream come true for me). Above all, I have my health. Just recently I was inspired to run and get physically in shape. Never did I imagine I would run a marathon some day. God blessed me with a beautiful relationship and I am now married to the love of my life.

What it's like today?

Mind, body and soul. It all came together! Recovery promised me that I was going to have a life beyond my wildest dreams and I did! I continue to do it one day at a time. Acceptance, love, and a whole lot of courage is my code. No matter what, I don’t pick up because I have become a proud, SOBER woman.

Today, I  think of myself as the most powerful tool of all. Why? Because I am blessed by grace, kissed by love and guided by spirit. I will continue to walk this path wisely and rest in eternal gratitude. All it takes is BELIEVE. 

Written by Mona with Love

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Rachel Geiger
Rachel Geiger
3 years ago

What a wonderful story. You inspire me every day!