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Past Sober Retreats

Sober in Israel

Israel in November 2019, was truly a Thanksgiving. How could we not bring it back, God willing. Our little group was so intimate. Sadly so, 2 months later our dear friend Andrea passed from an unexpected illness. It shattered our souls to the core but we were lucky enough to have spend this precious time with her; it was a blessing for her brother to have traveled with her. What’s more, we celebrated her one year anniversary in Jerusalem. One thing is clear, there were reasons for this trip far beyond our understanding. And, this is why the show must go on! May she RIP and live-on in our hearts forever. The next one is in honor of her beautiful spirit.

"In November 2019, I went with a small group to Israel, organized by Rachel of Flying Sober. We traveled throughout the country and saw many sights in 9 days. I had a wonderful time and very appreciative of this amazing trip. Rachel handled all the arrangements and it was truly a life changing experience. I highly recommend it!"

PeaceTree Retreat
in Costa Rica

Our pilot trip in May 2018, and a darn good one. 28 beautiful ladies partaking in a trip of a lifetime. We played, we danced, we nourished our souls with yoga and meditation. Not to mention, recovery meetings in middle of a rain forest among monkeys hanging off the trees. We forged friendships and made memories to last us a lifetime. We intend to organize more tropical retreats in the future. 

"I was opened up to new and establishing intimate relationships with other sober sisters. I was also inspired to work the steps honestly, rigorously and precisely as written in the literature.” Signed- sober sister in recovery!
"I had the pleasure of being on the team. This trip was one of the most magical experiences I have had in sobriety. I had the pleasure of watching women come together and connect on different levels. This truly made my heart sing. So much fun and such a fabulous way to vacation with like minded sober people. "
"I had the pleasure of joining a group of sober women in Costa Rica and it was amazing! I shall always keep this wonderful experience close to my heart."