Featured Stories

Flying Sober is proud to present someone’s unique story in their own words; sharing their experience, strength and hope.

california, sunset, dusk

Stephanie’s Big Heart

We are proud to present “Stephanie.” She is dear and near to many with her vivacious nature and big heart.

Johana – No Turning Back

Johana is one of those people that came into this program with guns blazing. There were no excuses and no turning back because she wasn’t going to let this addiction take her down the second time around.

Jacque – Happy, Joyous & Free

Jacque embodies what it means to be Happy, Joyous & Free. She lives to see people smile and really make a difference in their lives. And this is why Flying Sober is so honored to showcase her story this month.

Mona by the Beach

It’s not every day that we come across a person that just blows us away. Mona is one of these people. She emanates a genuine character that is filled with true bliss and an appreciation for living.