Julie – Getting Honest

Julie is such a gentle soul, you often wonder if she ever had a problem at all. But the biggest issue was getting honest with herself.

Jonathan – Quiet Waters

Jonathan is the kind of guy that if you need help with anything, he would be the first one to show up. He is shy and reserved, and normally will sit in the back of the room. But as the saying goes “quiet waters run deep,” his story involves deep turmoil and salvation.

Maree from Bali

Maree is one of the most magical people. She may be oceans apart but so much closer in spirit. Her light shines so brightly from afar. It’s no surprise that her recovery broke every barrier, and she continues to pass on the love.

Heather – Living in Gratitude

Heather’s recovery is the perfect metaphor of a lotus flower. She raised herself from the ground up and continuously seeks to flourish her life. She has become a great friend, a wonderful sister, daughter and a person that is admired by many. All of that stems from the gratitude she has for the program and her recovery in general.

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Peter’s Transformation

It’s seldom that we meet people that really transform their pain and suffering into a kind of appreciation and respect for the process in the making.

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Kristen in Love

Kristen is one of these people that are approachable and easy to talk to. She’s a prime example of that and funny as hell. This is her story.

Blessed Dulli

What a great way to start the New Year, with one of the most optimistic individuals you’ll meet, but she didn’t always feel this way. She claims, even on her best days her character defects still get the best of her. So, how does she do it?